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Welcome to Professional Tribes

A digital and real-world platform fostering multisectoral perspectives,
professional development, and intergenerational dialogue.

Our Vision

To create a global collective of professionals into a tribe focused on self-improvement, and moulded through access to information, experiences, and contacts to catalyse successful career progression.

Our Mission

To shape relevant narratives by pulling together like-minded professionals into the tribe through relatable and engaging activities. We deliver thought leadership, knowledge-sharing and personal development through dynamic people and engaging activities.

Our Values

We are committed to creating a human-centric professional development authenticity through self-expression drives us. We are passionate about delivering content and interactive opportunities for collaboration that are compelling, relevant, and engaging.

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About Us

ProTribes shines a spotlight on multisectoral topics that matter. We drive professional development, foster valuable networks, and encourage intergenerational dialogue through content development and events that resonate, all the while speaking with people who matter.

We are a dynamic tribe that does not take ourselves too seriously, without compromising the importance of our mission. We encourage our members of our tribe to excel in their respective pursuits, lifting one another up where it makes sense to.

What we do

• Live and pre-recorded programmes and panel discussions on issues of
relevance to professionals
• Thought leadership support through broadcasted content
• Hosting of networking and other events
• Master of Ceremonies and featured speaking engagements
• Moderation of corporate events
• Leadership development
• Professional development
• Professional perspectives
• Conscious dialogue
• Engaging dialogue

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Professional Development
Professional Perspectives
Conscious Leadership
Engaging dialogue

Our Team

Muchayeva Hazel Nyandoro

(Chief of Tribe) Mucha is a dynamic, performance driven professional with solid experience across several sectors and business disciplines. She has worked in leadership positions for Tier One Global Financial Institutions in Corporate and Investment Banking, in Legal Services, Retail, Management Consulting and enterprise.

Tawanda Chihota

(Chief of Advisor) Tawanda plays an instrumental advisory role covering commercial, strategic and operational agendas. He is a seasoned professional possessing a demonstrable track record in driving effective corporate strategy and communications programmes resulting in measurable business development and growth. He work primarily within the cyber security and information, communications, and technology fields.

Thenji Moyo

(Chief of Strategy) Thenji is at the heart of the strategic developments and priorities of Tribes. She is an accomplished lawyer with experience in the UK and UAE, working with extensively with a variety of sectors on a range of complex issues.

Tichakunda Mfarinya

(Chief of Media and Marketing) The visual elements that look good on our platform, you can thank Chris for. He works within the ICT sector and has a passion for technologies and education. Chris prides himself on being detail oriented and striving to bring 100% to the table in his field of expertise.

Ethan Chadehumbe

(Social Media Strategist) Ethan is our youngest professional in training. He is passionate about the innovation of all Professional Tribes platforms. He aims to use his understanding of social media to give Professional Tribes a more age diverse audience.

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